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About us


The story behind Peckers Eyewear is simple: after a long time without seeing each other, a group of friends got together to catch up and have fun. At the end of the evening, we realized that, even though we had very different backgrounds and careers, our interests, taste and goals were very similar. This realization lead us to begin searching for a project we could develop together. Our starting point was to use sustainable or recycled materials. We started working with the idea of repurposing maple wood from skateboards. After brainstorming the different products we could develop, eyewear was the one we fell in love with. Our team had the right mix of manufacturing and design experience, and after some trial and error, Peckers Eyewear was born.
The creative essence of Peckers Eyewear is collective. We believe that living under absolute trues or single points of view leads to stagnation. That is why our style is based in the fusion of individual ideas, brought together with talent and passion, to offer original and vibrant products that reflect our creative soul. In Peckers we are constantly looking for artistic collaboration with designers or artists that inspire us and motivate us to improve day to day.
Peckers Eyewear combines design and engineering with an impeccable and precise craftsmanship to bring you a unique product that represents our creative and industrial sides in perfect balance, while respecting and maintaining our environment.