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Peckers Eyewear cares not only about how or where the raw materials for its products are obtained but also how or where their products end once their life cycle is completed. To find out how environmentally friendly a product is it is necessary to take into account not only the manufacturing process but also what happens with certain product once it ceases to be used for the purposes for which it was created. This way of conceptualizing the impact of a product is known as environmental cost and our commitment is that this is as low as possible.

Wood, apart from its natural aesthetic beauty, is a renewable resource that must be preserved. The care of the environment, natural resources and specifically our forests has always been a top priority because, discarding that wood is our main raw material with which we work and design our products, we strongly believe it is our responsibility.

Wood is renewable. While it is true that the excessive logging of forests threatens our environment and the availability of this resource for future generations it cannot be denied that all resources currently used for manufacturing wood products are, unlike metals and petroleum products such as plastic, a commodity that can be obtained by natural or artificial plantations so that its availability is guaranteed as long as its use is sustainable. Peckers Eyewear makes sure that all wood used comes from fields that are managed in a sustainable way where the reforestation rate is greater than deforestation.

Another advantage of wood is that it is easier to recycle than other materials and our company is in favor of new trends in product design through recycled materials or take products that have completed their life cycle and reuse them in applications totally different from those they were initially intended for using a high level of creativity, design and aesthetics in the process.